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  • What are Turnkey Projects?
    Through our Turnkey Projects we provide single package for all the services i.e. from start of the project till handing-over the key.
  • Do you provide packages for complete project completion?
    Yes, we provide do provide packages through Kriashil Turnkey which provides services for all kinds of residential and commercial work in a single package.
  • How long does it take for completion of a project?
    It depends on the size of the project, also our customers appreciates us for our quick and timely completion
  • After opting for Turnkey Packages do i have to hire other agencies for any other work.
    No, all the work will be done in house as it will be included in the package.
  • Can you design something in my style?
    Yes, We believe that your space should reflect your personality as well as it should be compatible functionally.
  • How do you show the final design?
    Initially during project conceptualization we provide 2D layouts and pictures after which we provide 3D Designs for better understanding.
  • What type of projects can you do?
    We take all kind of projects including Commercial, Residential, Institutional and Industrial.
  • Can you manage the entire project?
  • What other services do you offer clients?
    We provide Turnkey, architectural and interior Design services.
  • Do you charge for your first meeting?


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